Schedule and find races!

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Join the Discord.
Find a race or create one.
Get racing!
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Ready to Race?

1. Join the Discord

2. IMPORTANT! Select your platform in the platform-select channel by reacting to PC, Xbox, or Playstation. This will let you get race notices.

Go to the platform-select channel
React to your platform

3. Join active races in the championship-races or unofficial-races by reacting to them in Discord. Championship races require at least 6 participants and should be longer than 1 race. Admins will delete championships that do not have enough participants. unofficial-races submissions do not require 6 participants and will post directly to unofficial-races.

Note: Active Championship races (found in championship-races) are generally not joinable once they have started because of the points systems, but ask the race organizer in Discord.

Visit the RACES channels to view active races. Track when races are coming up on the SimracingCalendar
React to the event in Discord under championship-races or unofficial-races channel

4. Or start your own event! Submit a Simracing Event. When you submit a request, it is sent to championship-races or unofficial-races. Users will react to the post if they can come or not. Events are also added to the SimracingCalendar. Championship races require at least 6 participants.

5. Get racing!

Remember: Race Clean, Race Smart, Catch the Slipstream, and Have Fun.

Upcoming Racing Events

Check out the full SimracingCalendar for all the scheduled events.