The (Mostly) Triple Crown

Race Organizer’s Name: DT#3494
Event Name: The (Mostly) Triple Crown
Race Type: Championship – Unofficial
Racing Game: Project Cars 2
Platform: @PC
Event Start Time: 6:00 PM GMT
Event Start Date: 05/28/2020
Event End Date: 06/11/2020
Event Occurs Every: Thursday

Le Man 24HR
Indy 500
Number of Racers Allowed: 30
Length of Race: Differentiating
Event Details: Compete in the (Mostly) Triple Crown.

Practice Lobby 5pm GMT (40 Mins)
Qualifying 5:40pm GMT (20 Mins)
Race 6pm GMT (~2 Hours)

Race 1:- Monaco – 30 Laps – Formula A Car Class
Race 2:- Le Man 24hr – 2 Hour Endurance – LMP Car Class
Race 3:- Indy 500 – 200 Laps – Indy Car Class