PC2 Racing May Time Trial Contest

Race Organizer’s Name: PC2 Admins
Event Name: PC2 Racing May Time Trial Contest
Race Type: Championship
Racing Game: Project Cars 2
Platform: All
Event Start Time: 12:00 PM GMT
Event Start Date: 05/21/2020
Event Occurs: Just once
Event End Date: 05/29/2020
Tracks: Daytona International Speedway Road Course
Car Class Information: GT3
Length of Race: Time trial
Event Details: This is a CONTEST GIVEAWAY GIFT Time Trial Championship. The person who posts the fastest lap will win one gift:
GIFTS (one may be selected):
1. STEAM COPY (PC) of Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition
2. $10 Steam Gift card
3. $10 Xbox Gift card
4. 1 month Playstation+ Card

Only USD or Euro can be provided.

View the contest rules/eligibility/submission details here: https://u16142228.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=-2BZHaMaGcW3RwhefQQvYyJ-2Fhnz0A6T22jLeRulrDT5-2F1c2mAmDuxwQFVH8LfkI7DZcUZH8Z9Ocf7Me41-2BgYlXOA-3D-3Doqek_f4khpS8Yv-2FEOcpfSDUHVi9LXI3ms7o8lYdAuDXKy-2Bdt1Ry79mhkFGZaCHPSF8n2u-2FuH-2F9g7zKU3AA27cyWR99gYtLcXaViG0u0gW0TCajlVMzMbrza0CVr-2FiJVAloDjSME8Cdt9-2B8CKYWuTqXFbk5vH37ZERkEB9y0wh-2FsRiA5SnmVtpt8mh3Z2Gt9bxGL4t0GVcXQXXCNxZTtcbk88p-2BJJp6W1QGs-2F5f90BzMBziguMHWP92WtxlKjODcVWVSIGI865DHEQTKrvlk3m9CNJ73h2nCzl6kVgABslBIIuO5I-3D