dustypants PC2 GT3 May31 Casual Race

Race Organizer’s Name: dustypants
Event Name: dustypants PC2 GT3 May31 Casual Race
Race Type: Unofficial
Racing Game: Project Cars 2
Platform: @Xbox
Event Start Time: 5:00 PM GMT
Event Start Date: 05/31/2020
Event Occurs: Just once
Event End Date: 05/31/2020
Tracks: Catalunya GP
Car Class Information: All GT3 cars.
Number of Racers Allowed: 10
Length of Race: 15 Laps
Event Details: 15 min practice, 15min qualifying
Light Clouds, Summer,
1 enforced pit stop, Manual pit stop
Penalties and damage on

This is practice for the @Xbox GT3 championship.

Depending on how many reactions may leave lobby open or add password.